That "Neck-tie" is so random--I love it, HAHA! Simple accessories, only my His Cartier Watch:)

Sorry for the no straight face/cropped pictures--I wasn't really feeling my face on that day, HAHA. Wet look pa!

Why the title? Unexpected because a lot of things happened to me in the last few months that I never thought would.
 One would be ORANGE! I never thought I would wear this color but then one day I just said, why not? So this is my second pair or orange shoes and I'm having fun experimenting with this color, just like in my previous post Sunkissed.

Another would be ME! I'm just so different these past few months, and I'm always tired. -.- This is what people meant by eating more than you could chew, or something like that. So many new things I have to groe accustomed to. Oh well, that's part of life. Will be M.I.A. for the rest of te week guys! We have a deadline on Monday. God Bless Archis, I know we all have deadlines this week and next, especially for the thesis!:D
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athena b said...

winner ang sandals! :)
kalingaw sa imong wacky face oy :D

Charmaine de Leon said...

thanks! haha, na shy njd ko:)