December on Instagram

Last month of the year!! :D
(1) South Shores’ Holiday Shoot, (2) My make-up—Chinese girl:), (3) Sunday lunch with the family at Surfin’ Ribs (thumbs up*), (4) South Shores’ models for this shoot, (5) Sunday malling with these two:) <3, (6) Typhoon Pablo outfit: CAFA warmth:)
(7) Wishlist: Gibi Shoes!, (8) Yes @YouJuzGotWANGED and I are very vain, (9) @YouJuzGotWANGED and I got new Timex watches:), (10) New Apple cases @YouJuzGotWANGED, (11) Someone I love: My MOM <3, (12) Discipleship group Christmas Party:)
(13) Another photo of us:), (14) Photo Shoot for Mr. and Ms. CAFA 2011, (15) Dinner at their Restaurant—@YouJuzGotWANGED, (16) Super late dinner at Toppokkiman:), (17) Mr. and Ms. CAFA 2012!, (18) Birthday Surprise, thanks guys! <3
(19) Happy Birthday to me:), (20) Some Instagram greetings, (21) Birthday Cakes!, (22) Late dinner at Zubu Chon:), (23) He Outfit Shots!! <3, (24) BKC Christmas Party 2012! FTW!!
(25) CMYK experience—late birthday celeb with CFDAs, (26) Wacky Faces with my nephew:), (27) At the TLCC Christmas Party:) (28) Christmas Eve lunch at Bab Rice House, (29) Our Little Noche Buena, (30) Lovin’ his gifts/new toys, what a cutie:)
(31) Afternoon with this guy, (32) Facial at Prana MediSpa, Club Ultima, (33) Weekend getaway at Pacific Cebu and Imperial Palace (34) Quality Time with my family:) (35) Selfie on the last day of the year!, (36) My new year’s eve outfit, then (2011) and now (2012).

First of all, I wanna say HELLO 2013!!!! 2012 has been awesome, I will be posting some highlights on my next post, but for now, I would just like to emphasize on the thing that most people make on new year—RESOLUTIONS! I, myself made some resolutions before I went to sleep—not about everything though, just a part of my life that I want to change badly. Well, I realized that even though I believe that we should make resolutions all year round for the betterment of ourselves, new years are a good thing to remind us to strive more, to become persons we ourselves, our friends, our parents, and our loved ones can be proud of:) 

So write down those realistic resolutions to become the best person you can be and stick them in your mood board, put it in your organizer or keep it in your wallet to make sure it reminds you always:) HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank so much for reading my little blog, I don’t know if I have avid readers or not but I’m happy enough writing for myself anyways:) Cheers and have a great life ahead!!
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