Monochromatic Nerd

My new glasses, because I break 3-4 glasses a year, even if I wear contacts, HAHA! What do you think?

Sister’s Top, WAGW Skirt, Katrina Flats, United Colors of Benetton Bag, South Shores Bracelets, Aizilym Necklace, Anne Klein Watch, Metro Glasses

Can you believe I wore this to a children’s party?! HAHAHA, Monochrome, semi-formal—at least my skirt was fun, I didn’t know what party I was going to, but I didn’t care because I just wanted to spend time with my girls! Oh how I missed hanging out with CSG a.k.a. Counter Strike Girls, because we were the only girls who dominated the internet cafes who actually go for gaming, HAHA. That was our first year days, and i miss it sometimes, or the boy in me LOL. Anyways, this was Fukui’s Brother’s 8th birthday party, though a lot of grown-ups were there and we were there, and it was held at night, so not-so-kiddie-but-still-kiddie-because-there-was-a-magician party, FTW!
Thanks Kyssa for these awesome photos!
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