Hello Blogger!

This is a blog post straight from my tumblr acct! Hello Blogger! I finally decided to move here! I'm still figuring  it out, still a bit lost. And I'm still gonna keep my tumblr acct, that is still gonna be my mian blog as of now. But we'll see how my time here in blogger goes. Older posts are imports from my tumblr acct.

I see Tumblr has a new layout when you post. I shall explore! I’m still a bit lost but I shall cope.
Just a few pictures because I don’t like how most of the pictures turned out:/
Used one of the many pajama pants i bought in Robinons. They’re just so comfy and easy to wear!
I can’t believe how much this blog has matured. I remembered when my friend told me to make a tumblr account because facebook was getting a little too crowded for rants and whatnot. At first I was hesitant and shy but I’m happy with my blog now and I love writing in it whether someone reads it or not:D I’ve been planning to move to blogspot/blogger for the longest time for a better community but, I’m just too lazy to. I finally got to move some stuff there! My blog posts starting this year are all in my NEW blog.
Check it out at deleoncharmaine.blogspot.com.
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