Manila-Tagaytay-Laguna Weekend

This trip was one of my favorite ones, we did so much in 3 days that it felt like we were on vacation for a week! Here's a summary of a trip to Manila with friends last November 2015.

Just to give you an idea on how I plan, here's our itinerary:

If you wanna know how I plot my itineraries, check out my previous post: What to put in Your Itinerary

DAY 01: City Life

Since it was just a weekend getaway, we flew on a Friday Morning, and most of us were on leave for work that day. 

Hotel: We stayed at Crown Regency-Makati where some of us were members. We got 2 deluxe rooms [good for 4 each] for only Php1,800 each room (with buffet Breakfast additional P500 for 2 people). 
Don't mind the mess. This was the girls room when the guys crashed there while the room beside ours was still being cleaned out.


What to Put in your Itinerary

Hey guys, so like I said, I want to share some serious travel planning tips. haha

First up, I just to give you an idea on how I plan:


The past two years

Hey. This is weird. Hi. Okay.
If you notice from my old posts, I haven't really blogged properly for almost two years now, and I've finally decided to write some things here again.
But first, a little catching up. Here are five things I've been busy about since my last posts here.

1. Thesis + Graduation

Main reason I stopped blogging 2 years ago was to focus on my last year in architecture school. Needless to say, it paid off. Next: Board exams next year.