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(1) Hello Starbucks Planner, (2) New Year, New Blog Layout, (3) Vanity whilst driving, (4) School’s back!, (5) Late Christmas gifts for friends from Osgen, (6) Lunch date on a school day:*
(7) Such Cuties: Nephew and @youjuzgotwanged  (8) Improvised a bow tie:), (9) Pampering myself:D, (10) With Jehanne @accidentallypink ( after the Miss Cebu 2013 Pre-pageant, (11) With @fadedclhouette a.k.a. Dupli, (12)@youjuzgotwanged ‘s jacket because it’s cold. :”>
(13) An old gift from @youjuzgotwanged, (14) My date for the coronation night of miss Cebu 2013, (15) Our Miss Cebu! @accidentallypink , (16) our #ootn haha:), (17) His first larsian experience:), (18) Loving Golds! <3
(19) Hennas for Sinulog, (20) Sinulog Blastoff 2013!!!, (21) Before, and (22) After, (23) That pic of my iTouch:/ Aftermath of Sinulog—dirty, (24) Mom’s Birthday dinner!:)
(25) I love when my brother or sister is home, Home cooked food:), (26) Cupcaken with these guys, (27)Order your Dashing Cupcakes now! Contact them at 0922-885-7752 or 0917-320-1217 (28) My new school shoes, a tad girly for me but I like it anyways:D, (29) New Accessories Organizer fromCatwalkPH, (30) Lunch with mom:)
Sorry super late upload, I know it’s almost March! HAHA :D

My Sinulog photo was featured in the latest Issue of Blanc!
Haven’t read their Anniversary issue yet?! Check it out here!

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I will Vote for SPP!

#2 ALVIN CLYDE GREGORIO is my SCC-President and #1 NINO PAOLO ONGLUICO is my SSC-Vice President!!
I am Charm de Leon, I am an Empowered Carolinian, I am an Archiecture Student, I am a Servant Leader, I am going to Fight For the Student’s Rights, I am going to vote for the Student Power Party. I AM GOING TO EXERCISE MY RIGHT TO VOTE THIS MARCH 7 for SSC.

#2 GREGORIO, Alvin Clyde - Bachelor of Laws 2

Vice President:
#1 ONGLUICO, Nino Paolo - BS Management Accounting minor in Economics


#2 ABAIZ, Keisha - BS Accountancy 3
#8 AUSEJO, Emil - BS Entrepreneurship 
#13 CABALLERO, Earolle - BS Civil Engineering 4
#20 CHAN, Thea Camille - eBS Nursing 3
#22 DATO-ON, Princess - B Tourism Management
#23 DE JESUS, Aying - BS Nutrition and Dietetics 2
#36 MANUEL, Natasha - BS Accountancy 2 
#38 MARAYA, Trixie Gayle - BS Nutrition and Dietetics 2
#40 NAVARRO, Lyle - BS Psychology 3
#42 PACUBAS, Mikaela - BS Chemistry 1
#45 PO, Ma. Gleiza - BS Civil Engineering 2
#47 QUIJADA, Arnick - BS Industrial Engineering 3
#48 REYNES, Mo - BS Architecture 3
#51 SAN PEDRO, Maria Lourdes - BS Accountancy 4
#52 SAYA-ANG, Keith - BS Management Accounting 3
#53 SIAO, Kimberly - BS Pharmacy 3
#55 SOCO, Kat Kat - BS Pharmacy 2 
#57 TISOY, Paul Mart - BS Accountancy 1
#58 UY, Grant - BS Architecture 2
#60 YBANEZ, David Benjamin - BS Information Technology 3
#61 YBANEZ, Erik - BS Accounting Technology 2

Vote Student Power Party this March 7, 2013

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My USC-Architecture Society Jacket—represent!
Another laid-back outfit for school. Went for a cheerleader-with-a-jock-boyfriend look for this outfit, Corset + Varsity Jacket=achieved-ish? HAHA
Corny pose, i know, HAHA
My worn out F21 sneaks!
Sorry not to update as much, Finals are fast-approaching and even with a long weekend such us this, we still have lots of work because teachers bombarded us with lots to do! HAHA…Can’t wait for summer!:D


Pumped Up Kicks!

Dressing down for school these past few weeks, started with this laid back outfit, just a graphic tee, jeans and statement Kicks!
I love mixing opposites, black and whites, green and pink. Those four ‘colors’ used to be my fave back in high school, until I got to a point where pink disgusts me. thus my fave color is—Green. But ever since I ventured into fashion, I find my self trying on colors I used to hate, i.e pink, orange, etc. What do I have to lose? HAHA
Wet look again, lol. Sorry for that I usually leave for school in haste, not fond of waking up early for no reason and preparing for NO reason—the reason why I’m always tardy!:P
Top (Frankenstee Clothing), Jeans (Levis), Shoes (Reva—Bday Gift), Watch (Singapore)

So what do you think of the chill, laid-back me? no make up, didn’t excessorize, natural.


Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

A few weeks ago, we went to the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod.  I’m not a Catholic but I wanted to see for my self the structure that’s been in the center of Architectural gossip in Cebu for some time now—the “Chapel of a Hundred Walls”. 
The free standing walls are for aesthetic purposes only and not structural. Its not even made of bricks/cement. It looks like brutal-ism to me:D haha! The structure is nice too and has good wind flow despite the walls, harsh sun is also blocked by these walls.
Here’s what I wore (Also to the Sinulog Blast-off in Grand Convention Center): 
My whole look was derived from a cap I found in my closet—Jong gave it to me more than two years ago as pasalubong from his trip to his hometown in Korea. Lovin’ Gold!!!
Didn’t want to have a big tattoo, so I just got this to support my friend—Charmaine Chua:D They henna every Sinulog.
Back when I still had my Baby iTouch, I miss you:(
With the cutie-patootie!
Leaving you with our craziness:P
What do you think of the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod?:)
BTW, HAppy Valentines Day, Everyone!!


Miss Cebu 2013

Miss Cebu 2013 was held last January 16, at the Waterfront Hotel and Casinos. This is my first time to watch it live and I had so much fun especially since I know some candidates.
What I wore in school that day, so conservative:) 
Simply Cebuana :)
VIP Tickets Sponsored by Modern Teknika! Contact them for all your Sounds and Lighting needs at Telephone No: (6332) 254-6741 to 43, 253-2046, 254-9159.
My friend, Candidate No. 4, Jehanne Dy, won Miss Friendship and at the Pre-Pageant, Miss Gems and Designs:D Congratulations love, you were awesome!
L-R: Joanah Uy, Yours Truly, and Miss Cebu Candidate Jehanne Dy
With my date:)
(*grabbed photo from Joanah)
What I wore:)