14-day South Shores Challenge

Have you guys heard of the clothing brand South ShoresPeople in VisMin, maybe? Well that’s because they have branches all around Visayas and Mindanao and their clothes and accessories are gorgeous! It’s a style source for teens and women; and from their hip accessories and comfy basics, to the most chic hues of tops and unique statement pieces—you are sure to find what you need in their wide array of apparel and accessories!
Why I’m sharing this is because I’ve been given the challenge to wear South Shores everyday for 14 days—and since its semestral break, I said “Why Not?” and stepped up for the challenge! I’m not really a for the ‘public’ blogger and I blog to document my college life but I haven’t been blogging a lot this past semester and this challenge is great because it’s going to encourage me to blog since I’ve missed it so much.
Here’s day 1-14:)

Want to take on the 14-day South Shores Challenge? Email them at southshores_828@yahoo.com or visit their facebook page here!!!

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