The past two years

Hey. This is weird. Hi. Okay.
If you notice from my old posts, I haven't really blogged properly for almost two years now, and I've finally decided to write some things here again.
But first, a little catching up. Here are five things I've been busy about since my last posts here.

1. Thesis + Graduation

Main reason I stopped blogging 2 years ago was to focus on my last year in architecture school. Needless to say, it paid off. Next: Board exams next year.

2. District Events / Pop District Bazaar

After graduation, I started this events company and focused on our first event, Pop District Bazaar, which happened last September 2015 and again last April 2016! This has been a major blessing and couldn't have done it without my partners, Monica Posadas & Ruby Pansoy. PDB happends 3 weekends a year (April, Sept, Dec) at the Oakridge Pavilion. Check it out here www.districtevents.co

3. Sugbo Mercado

Our involvement in Sugbo Mercado came to us because of the positive feed backs of Pop District Bazaar (blessing indeed!). It's a Weekend food market at the Garden Bloc of Cebu IT Park every Thursday-Saturday 5pm-1am and soon at the Cebu Business Park Picnic Grounds this June, we're ope there every Friday-Sunday 3pm-12mn. Check it out here www.sugbomercado.com

4. LDR

2 years of LDR or Long Distance Relationship with this one.

5. Travelling

And last but not the least, some R&R! With all the work, I make sure I get away once in a while and unwind. Whether it's a visit to Mactan or North/South of Cebu, local cities and provinces, or a trip abroad; I make sure I tick off something [somewhere, rather] new every year.


This time, this blog will be quite different. I wanna add a few things in this blog other than all the outfit posts before. I won't be as active but I want to share with you guys some...travel tips!
I know, I know. Travelling is trending these days, and it's not just that I wanna jump in the bandwagon.
You see, every time I travel, be it with friends or family, business or leisure; I always end up doing all the planning, not that i'm an expert nor am I complaining. It's fun! Researching, plotting, learning things ahead of everyone makes you a useful [or annoying LOL] tour guide sometimes (it also makes you liable if you get lost! haha). So it's more on preparing for trips and budgeting, I guess. I wanna continue this online journal because the posts are really fun to look back to!

Will post my first travel post next. Stay tuned.

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