School Girl

Nerdified and it feels so good! HAHA…My version of Artie from Glee? I wore this to a high school reunion and I wanted to have fun and look preppy and just—high school! :D

An old bow just laying around the house, so happy how this outfit turned out. The bow was definitely the star for this look! Agree?
Sorry I Haven’t been posting as much, Christmas break is definitely over and that means I’m starting to get busy with school work and organization works again—and outfits turn to uniforms:( Will try to update twice a week, that’s my goal:) I need to relax sometimes and blogging gives me that:) And it’s Sinulog here in Cebu, Philippines which means street parties, Traffic, drinking and a whole lot of tourists!!! Will be headin out later, so ciao! Follow me on
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