Floral Patch

Hello! I'm back with a post! I haven't posted for a week now because I've been away for 5 days. We had a Church Camp in El Salvador Beach Resort and Sun 3g was a bit of a let down. I didn't really take much pictures either because it was a retreat and I didn't really plan to blog about it (other than this) because it was a personal experience. :D
Anyways, when I came back, a lot of new things were new/trending. Like this Kiyomi song/dance and lookbook has new stuff too! That just proves how our generation keeps on making up stuff to keep life interesting:)

On to my outfit, this was taken the week before camp. Wore this simple ensemble to a day-night out with family. If you're following my instagram, you've probably seen a portrait shot of me in this with RED lipstick! An experiment, but I sort-of like the look of it. I'm quite insecure of my big lips and I thought red would just enlarge it even more, but with the right application, it can enhance it instead:)
---this picture---

I'm happy I can bun my hair again from time to time:) Can't wait 'til it grows back to how it used to be.

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