March on Instagram

(1) Some shoes lined up for the Fashion Show, (2) With @youjuzgotwanged for CAFA Design Awards Ingress, (3) Closet Clean-up!, (4) SPP at the Meeting de Avance in TC, (5) Dinner with dad at Charlie Chicken, (6) School work in Club Ultima
(7) Went around Club Ultima/Crown Regency  (8) Dinner at David’s for @petcorominas ‘s birthday, (9) Shot from the back camera of a car ^.^, (10) Food Tasting at Choi City, (11) ‘Trust but Verify’ was engraved in this Magnifying Glass (Medical Facility lettering), (12) Proud of our Final Plate’s model.
(13) Knitting details of a dress I modeled for @licamila, (14) Sunday lunch with mom at Sizzling Pepper Steak, Ayala, (15) Nephew and Bro-in-law’s joint birthday celebration, (16) National Breakfast Day (Koko Krunch and M&S Triple Chocolate), (17) Flame It date<3, (18) Last Uniform day for me!
(19) Because my mom loves me:), (20) New nail color, Shades of Blue, (21) Sunnies and Bright Red Lippie!, (22) Salon time!!, (23) First time at Joed’s Lutong Hapon, Good Affordable food!!, (24) My fave!! Seleco Seaweeds
(25) 2 years of voting straight for SPP!, (26) After workout + Uniform Shirts, (27) Cereal in a mug, (28) In love with my new flats from Solemate, (29) Date with mom at Joeds (back so soon?! HAHA), (30) Packing some colored jeans for my trip:)

I’m always excited for March because it’s when summer vacay starts!
So many thing to do this summer!:
-Watch movies
-Catch up on Series
-Plan things for our Organization
-Take up summer class
-Read books
-Work on some projects^^
-Catch-up with Friends
-manymanymany more…
What are you up to this summer?:)

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