Choosing Colors

Here's another Sunday/Church outfit. Went for a monochromatic bodycon + kimono cover-up match and paired it with my new flats from solemate and this bag my mom bought for me months ago, I never really got to use it until I found found the perfect shoes to go with it! I am so in love with my new flats! Live long please because I am going to over use you:)

I love how my castle ring sums up the colors of my look. I have royal sky blue nails (that are chipping off already!o.O) with sky blue for an index and ring finger. The manicurista was a bit hesitant of my request, haha! but I loved the outcome.
I usually change colors every 2 weeks (or let my nails rest for 2 weeks more) and I usually have a hard time choosing a color. So what I do now is just follow Jong's brace rubber's color, he changes it about every 2 weeks, too! HAHA *problem solved*

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