"Little high, little low!"

A little word play for my title, sound familiar? It's from Stuart Little! Ah, what a childhood movie--"Stuart Little: Little high, little low! Mrs. Little: [from a distance] Little hey, little hoe" 

Due to the stress of finals week, I've been missing my childhood and high school years. Third year finals is just so tiring! Our projects are usually assigned by group, maybe to prepare us for Fourth year  because every project plate will be by group then--but its so hard having so many different groups for each project. I was almost never home and I had barely any sleep! But now it's over and it's officially summer!


For  my outfit, I wore this hi-low skirt I wore in the Opening of Comfit Cebu, and went for a less formal look. A little grungy (?) but not so successful because of the floral prints--HAHA!

I just noticed that our roses are blooming!! So preeeetty!:)
I haven't planned my summer yet, just bits and pieces of it, but I'm excited to be free from school!--well not totally, I'm gonna be taking courses for summer, but that's just 9 units, and they're all minors! I am gonna make this summer count! :D

What are your summer plans?:)

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