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I actually didn’t know much about the blogging community at first, so I blogged My first blogpost—in Facebook!—two years ago! HAHA

<inserting blog post here: (enjoy!)
(Summer of 2011)
my two weeks of summer starts now XD
march 28- went to I.T. park for the USCARS meeting
.went to school for econ and CWTS.watched watching Sorcerer’s Apprentice xD (lss-“Secrets” by one Republic)
.flattered that Jehanne Dy and John Henry Gabuya made my photo their DP :D, must buy SLR

idk what my bros doing :D
Valentines Shoot march 29- okay, so let’s start off this day at 12mn,
.had fun conversations with family and in-laws.at the porch right now stealing internet from the neighbors xD

shhhhhhh at the porch again(12nn) currently reading Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin
.watched The Last Air Bender, Cats and Dogs 2, and Gossip Girl 4:9 :)
march 30- went to Ayala and met up with Wilbur,
.ate lunch with dupli(Tara) @ MCDO
.hanged out with Rae, Tara, Jong, Kyssa, and Michel in Starbucks, terraces and ate dinner at Sunburst:)
.went home and found out i was sick, sucks..had some sheer good fun with th DECAPHs tho  :))

Decaphs :D, shot by Wang Hyun Jong
march 31- okayyy, so today was unproductive..continued reading the book and watched My Amnesia Girl :D
p.s. im not sick anymore xD…<3

wasn’t taken today..just wanted to share this..my nephew in th photo taken by Michel Lim april 1- the ever popular april fool’s day that happens to be Lorelee Gayle Ong’s birthday is here once agian xD
a whole fun day with th Lim family as some of the them are going to Manila tom..(Uncle William Lim, Aunt Linda Lim, Kenneath Lim, Cezar Lim, Marielle Santiago, Michel Lim, Steven Lim—had fun! <3)
.went to S&R, and sure enough it was so crowded :D
.ate lunch in Conching’s :D
.went to SM and watched “catch me…i’m in love” and expressed my dislike towards Sarah Geronimo and “kilig-kilig” scenes during th whole duration of th movie (sorry chi Mich and Steven—-who was beside me haha!)..still had fun tho
.ate dinner in Co Jordan, a seafood resto in Consolacion :D (i<3 shrimps)
.ate Korean icecream on th way home
.had some bonding time with them before they leave…:(

good food :D, and yes, out of all th possible pictures this is what imma upload..th other pictures are still with achi Michel,
“When the light breaks, baby, I’ll be gone for good..”
april 2- another unproductive day…was so tired of th activities yesterday :D, haha! :P
.still on page 174/372 of th book Love the One You’re With xl
.watched Charlie St. Cloud and Inception (mind boggling but enjoyed it nonetheless)

genius :D april 3- it’s first Sunday!
.went to church (CGC)
.shopped for baby clothes for a while
.went home and watched Knight and Day and Rabbit Hole :D
.went to my uncle’s house to celebrate birthdays :D

cool movie!!! april 4- my Dad’s birthday! <3
.went to my uncles house again for th dinner celebration ( our official party place! haha)
.watched Serendipity, an old-but-cute-nonetheless movie. And adding serendipity to my non-existent list of fave words :D

dad’s bday:)
baby Jestair in a hip-looking outfit:) april 5-stayin’ at home is starting to become a habit:)
. i am staring at th laptop right now and i plan to do so for th rest of th day:)

after takin’ a bath..  
..he had a new hairstyle:) april 6-okay, so here’s th thing.
-i was suppose to enroll in PE11 (which of course is due to th fact that i was dropped by MS. Marinas!), but when i called th PE dept, they said that only PE12, 13 and 14 are being offered this summer! So, i changed my plan to taking up PE13 (i passed PE12, btw!) so that i can take up PE11 next school year..but as i kept pressing th advise button, ismis also kept saying ERROR!! gaaahhh!!
-then i was gonna enroll in REED30, but surprise-surprise! it’s only reserved engring students and accountancy, i mean, what is THAT about?! (no offense to th engg and accountancy students)
-and because i already paid! i ended up enrolling for HIST 15 and ENGL 3…tsk.tsk.tsk..
-th problen now is, what am i gonna do with my PE11?!!»>
(sorry for ranting ismis-related issues to this blog, GAAAH!)
.went to ayala to pick-up shoes from nice, (but we can’t help it, we needed to play DDR :D)
.went to metrobank to get th down-payment money from my dad!
.paid school fees in th Main Campus (yes CAFA studs can pay in main..)
.found out that we can pay thru banks :)) (GIVE YOUR FULL NAME AND ID num! :D)
.after my errands, i decided to give myself a reward—-stare at facebook! HAHA
april 7- ran errands again O.O
.bought my sister’s medicine
.assisted a shoot for Rae Cabradilla <3 with model Roasario Toral at Montebello, had so much fun! i was helping out with th light and directing, LOL sorry chix :))
.met with my dad at SM to get my glasses fixed (imma wear glasses sometimes whether some of my guy FRIENDS like it or not, HAHA
.bought a bit of groceries and went home hungry, yikes! :-o

photgrapher: Rae Cabradilla Model:Rosario Toral april 8- another busy day, errand o.o
.went to Ayala to buy stuff for Jestair, pay bills and attend th USCARS meeting :)
.went to SM to get my glasses,:)
:: on th way to ayala from SM, i was in th jeepney with my classmate last 1st sem, Jillian Seguia!, and i didn’t notice it was her at first! just noticed her when we were really near Ayala already!! sooorrryyy, i didn’t expect you to be in Cebu!
.attended CYF, haven’t attended CYF in a while :(
.went home, thanks for th ride Peterson Corominas,(who finally got his license!) && Joanah Uy
.whooo! excited! xD

glasses:)) april 9-had a fun, fun day today!!
- a annoyed of my eyes :(
-Kyssa, Rae, Charmaine, Joanah, Jong, Peterson :))
—-it’s still a secret what i did today so…i’ll update tonight—-
had a shoot with th Decaphs! A group we formed for our passion in photography :))

curly hair <3
brewing soon <3 april 10- last day of my 2-week-pre-summer-class-vacation:( HAHA.
.went to church late :-O…had a date in red ribbon (Lorelee’s birthbay treat:).went home and read, eat, surf, pig out! (classes start tom!)

new skin!! debuted Decaph Fotography today <3
visit our page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Decaph/158808190847466?sk=wall

“There’s a story behind every photograph”
i wanna live~
Wheter my days was productive or not, this two weeks of my life that i’ve shared to you guys, has been fun, exciting, new, overwhelming (!), amazing and most of all it is a God-given blessing. For those who actually read this, Thank you so, so much!! <3
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BLOG OUT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That was me blogging two years ago:) amazing if you ask me:)
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