Color Me Blue

Wore this on my last wash day in school (or last before finals because I couldn't dress up on finals week--too stressed out, HAHA). Also went to a food tasting for my Nephew and Bro-in-law's birthday celebration at Choi City, BTC.
South Shores Top and Necklace, Bobson Jeans, DBC Flats, Anne Klein Watch

Never take someone for granted.
Fight if it's worth fighting for.
Compromise and lower your pride.
--words I've been hearing a lot lately. Every relationship has it's problems, but it's up to you how you deal with it, I know some people who's having trouble holding on or some letting go right now and I just want to say to them, hang on tight. Things will get better:D

A shout out to the person who never ceases to annoy me, make me laugh, make me angry, cry, smile, and just happy (most of the time^^). We're not perfect, but I know you'll do everything to get close to perfection for me<3 Hi Best Friend.

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