All Black

This is one of the JACKs washday Wednesday outfits, the theme was "Chillin' like a Villian" which was simply "Bad-Ass look" (If you haven't checked out our page, click here). If you've known me since high school, then you would know that I was the type to listen to rock, screamo, emo, dark songs; and wear a lot of oversized black shirts with red or black jeans and sneakers always. I was pretty "buguy"; Sooo different from the college "girly-girl" that I am now. taka lang haha...

So anyway, I was kind of excited for this #ootw, buuuut as it turns out that no matter how I try to be bad ass, I still look put together, I'm like whyyyy:( I guess I just don't have the clothes anymore, haha!
Rhipstop Muscle shirt, Old Cardigan and jeans, Parisian Flats, DIY Tape  Necklace

What do you think?:) haha

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