Everyone has their story, here is mine. It was 8:16 when I felt the shake, I know the time cause I was running late for work, I was suppose to report 8am to do some CAD work for a friend of my moms. Anyways, I grabbed my mom and ran out, didn't even get to wear slippers, we kept calm and waited for it to stop, but it just went on and on in what felt like forever. The car was shaking hard and glasses were crashing--until it finally stopped. I went online (thank God for pocket wifi) and saw #earthquake posts instantly, a lot of buildings--famous ones especially--left damaged by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. But despite these, I am so thankful that I am a lazy bum, that I did not get up and went out before 8am, that it was a holiday and that it was before mall and office hours. God is good:) I hope and pray that all those people posting #PrayforthePhilippines #PrayfortheVisayas #PrayforBohol #PrayforCebu etc really are praying, and not just showing off posts for people to like. It was very traumatic for Cebu, and the Visayas because we are not used to things like this. They said that for Canada, Japan and other countries, these things feel pretty normal, still that did not calm the people. Architecture students, faculties, and other professionals are in joining hands for the effort of planning steps on what to do with the heritage sites that has been damaged. Aftershocks can't be stronger than the earthquake it self, but the earthquake might caused another to occur, I am no scientist and this isn't a pessimistic thought either, but let's just be prepared for anything that might happen. God Bless and Be Safe!!

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