Fail DIY: Tulle skirt

The 'fail' isn't very encouraging, is it? haha.. anyways, all is good.

For those involved in photo shoots, don't just hate when RTW tulle skirts aren't puffy enough? Well yeah, me too! So I had this idea of making an undergarment tulle made of the hard kind (of tulle). I wanted a skater type of skirt because I'm no seamstress and I'm too lazy for the shearing thing.

So here's what you need:

Tulle, Scissors, Measuring Tape, Ribbons/Elastic Band, Pen/Chalk, Thread and Needle.
Step 1: Fold the tulle diagonally a lot of time until you have something like this.

Step 2: Measure and Cut one opening near the tip of the cone and one near the bottom. Depending on the length of the skirt.

Now here's where I got it so wrong! My math was off, haha. What you need to do is get the radius (from the circumference of your waist) for the top cut and add the length for the skirt length.
Radius=(Circumference÷Pi) ÷ 2
Ex. You want a 30 in waist. (30in÷3.1416) ÷ 2 = 4.77 or 4.8in

What I did (WRONG! Didn't consult the net for formula, haha): Circumference x Pi x 2
(30in ÷ 3.1416) x 2 = 19 in, so yea, waaaay off! haha
=too big:(
4.8in + 11in length (any desired length) = 15.8in
Note: Don't cut straight! Cut curved, measure 15.8in from the tip a lot of times. Like so:

Step 3: You'll have something like this. A donut!
Fold it in half, and you'll obviously get this:

Pull the ends of the inner circle and you get a skater skirt! (Or in my case a really big skater skirt -.-):

Just sew a band(garter/ribbon) and your good!
How I solved my mishap:
1. Cut in in two so I now have 2 half circles with a half circle hole, like so:

2. I made one long skirt and one short skirt. just a wrap around skirt because there's no room for shearing and it can't be a skater skirt anymore. So here's how I made the short one, first is cut it shorter (of course):

3. And I just sewed on the ribbon (folded it in half so both sides has ribbon) so it wont be itchy and it can be tied to the waist:

A running stitch would do, :D haha

here it is worn:

Here is a dress with and without the Tulle:

So glad it actually made some difference despite its EPIC FAILness HAHAHA:)
Will try again sometime:)

You can definitely do this with any other cloth! for undergarment or not. Thick jersey is the cloth used in most skater skirts now, i think, again I'm not that knowledgeable about these things, haha.

What do you think? My first DIY here! :D If you make your own, please let me know! :)

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