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(1) Breakfast and Hotel Transylvania with @youjuzgotwanged before leaving for camp, (2) A different souvenir from El Salvador everyday!!, (3) He's loving his view and I'm loving mine <3, (4) Yummy but fugly Ice Box Cake! (Selecta), (5) Delivery for nights alone, (6) A feast for meals when I'm sick:)

(7) Island hopping (Pandanon :D) (8) Girl's Day Out with college friends <3, (9) Snacks at home c/o Greenwich, haha, (10) New nails, peach and gold, (11) his first day in class #OOTD baby!, (12) Reminding myself how beautiful Cebu (Terraces) is:)

(13) Our depiction of our national hero, Rizal (collage), (14) Weekend essentials!, (15) After 3 months, I got my free phone from sun--trying out Cherry Mobile:), (16) View from our room in Crown Regency, (17) Breakfast one: Mcdo, (18) Breakfast two: Jollibee.

(19) Vanity shots when it's traffic, (20) An afternoon of leisure before more leisure watching Ironman 3, (21) 2011 Avengers, 2012 Ironman 3 :">, (22) Dinner is served, (23) Because posting the food as it is served is mainstream:), (24) Coral and Teal!
That was my April, how do I describe it? It was...just the FUN I needed before org. works start piling up:)
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