Fashion Resolutions

2014 is just around the corner and I notice that people aren't making resolutions, they say it's too mainstream and people don't really fulfill these resolutions anyway. Well, I want to make a few fashion resolutions.
1. More Maxis! I just looove them! So elegant with such little effort.
2. More White staples for my closet. I have too much black that this Christmas season, all I've been wearing is black *gasp* haha
3. More Gold (definitely)! accessories like bags, shoes, belts, jewelry :)
4. Buy new set of jeans for school, almost all my jeans are loose and baggy :( I lost some weight (like whats left of me, right?) due to stress with organizations (I'm currently the president of the Architecture org in our school), work, business, and studies.
5. Keep my closet organized! :P
Love my new necklace! I call him Sven :) #Frozen
Gifted Necklace (thanks Andrea!), Parisian Flats, Top and Skirt from The Coterie, found at the 2/F One Pavilion Mall, R. Duterte St, Banawa, Cebu City :)
What's your fashion resolution for the upcoming 2014? :)

Stay awesome readers and thanks for supporting my little blog :)

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Toni Pino-Oca said...

that's a very lovely top! just like you, im stocking up on gold. gold accents that is. haha! black bag with gold details is just divine! lovely blog you have here, dear! following you!

toni www.perfumedredshoes.com