I ♥ Korea

You know that giddy feeling when almost all your wearing is new? It's so fun, right? haha. exactly the feeling I had with this outfit.Thanks for the "I ♥ Korea" shirt Jong! And finally, I bought myself some Circle Shades!

It's been gloomy and raining now, signs that summer is really over:( Classes start on the 10th and I'm back to jeans:/ Even tights and leggings aren't allowed in our school. Oh well. Gonna be busy with organization stuff and school work again, but I will try to update my blog once in a while:)


"I ♥ Korea" Shirt from Korea, Soiree (SM Dept. Store) Leather shorts, Parisian Boots (Thanks Lor!), Old Knee-high socks, Bazaar Circle Shades and Bib Necklace

Are you excited for school? I think I'm excited to buy new school materials!:>

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