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One of my fave and closest photographer recently launched her photography business. I was like: "Finally, she's going professional!". Talents like herself really deserves (to get paid, haha!) it. And being the supportive friend I always am *wink*, I helped her by being her Prop Stylist/Stylist. Here's our first shoot, a promotional set for her pre debut package: Bitter Sweet 18's.

Photographer: Roanne Rae CabradillaModel: Ane Ugarte
Prop Stylist: Charmaine Ong de Leon
(C) Camerae Photography

Camerae Photography is an independent photographic company personally managed and handled by photographer Roanne Rae Cabradilla. It specializes on lifestyle categories such as pre-wedding or engagements, pre-debuts, maternity, kids, family, couples, and personal portfolios. Camerae also covers birthday and debut events.

What are you waiting for? Email her at cameraeph@yahoo.com for more inquiries. Follow CameRae on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates!

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Rae Cabradilla said...

Thank you so much for supporting me in this business, Charmaine! The first promotional shoot was a success thanks to your help! Let's move forward and keep doing what we love together. Thanks for being an awesome friend! Keep up the good job on your blog! :)