Care For Some Tea?

Hello there! So as mentioned in my last post, I was busy Coordinating events. Last month, I had my last event for the year (last, to focus on school), a Debut with an Alice in Wonderland theme. As coordinators, Andrea and I want to put personalized details, otherwise, it'll look too stiff and corporate; so when the debutant wanted Teacup Candles for her 18 candles, then Teacup Candles she shall get. And since I don't know where to find a supplier in time, I made them myself! Here's a short DIY on how I did it.
What you need:
-Teacup and Saucer (They chose a plain one because I used colorful waxes (and its hard to find 18 uniform vintage ones), but an old vintage one with floral details is really cute, too!)
-Candle waxes (usually sold by blocks or flakes) or just Candles and get the wicks.
-Wicks (you may use the ones in the candle like what I did)
Not in the picture:
-A Double Boiler and Bowl OR a Pot and a Thick Can or an Ice Bucket.
-A Stove
-To color if you have white waxes, use an Oil-based coloring (not water!) or crayons!
So I'm not gonna do a step by step because I lack too much pistures (haha) but basically, what you is boil water in your pot and put the bowl/ice bucket over it. Wait for it to melt, while waiting, get you wick and chopsticks and place it like so (picture below). Chopsticks are so useful! haha.
Then get the ice bucket (make sure you use mittens! They're hot!) and pour the wax into your teacup. And wait for it to cool down. In case you are wondering what the measuring tape is for, its to get the dimensions of the cup and saucer to know how big the box I was gonna buy. :)
Here are the "Product Shots" once they're all done!
So there you go, Teacup Candles! And if you're following me on Instagram, then you might have seen the a Flipgram of the debut, if not, you can check it out here or here's a couple of pictures for you.
Our #ootd with our Black & White Mesh Dresses and opposite sandals. Comfy enough to run around without sacrificing fashion and the theme. We're Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!
Some graphic materials Andrea designed for the debutant. Another personalized touch we love doing!
Want to book us for you events (next year)? Email me at charmainedeleon_616@yahoo.com.

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